Loris Bettazza

About me

Hi, my name is Loris Bettazza and I’m a 25 year old Front-end Web Developer based in Ticino, Switzerland. I have a passion for programming and an eye for good design. My goal is to use my knowledge to create the best experience possible both visually and technically, using the latest technologies available. When I'm not coding or designing, I like playing video games, chilling with my friends or petting my cats.


  • The Last of Us

    • Gulp
    • HTML
    • Sass
    • JavaScript

    The Last of Us has been my favorite video game ever since it launched back in , one day I decided to create a fan made website that would present it to someone unfamiliar with it, and hopefully convince them to buy it. The site is heavy on images so I had to find a balance between quality and size to maintain reasonable loading times.

  • WhatsApp Parser

    NPM Package
    • Vitest
    • TypeScript

    The idea to parse WhatsApp chat logs began in . At the time I put together a quick prototype that worked in my case, but soon I found out that the logs didn’t have a consistent format, making the creation of a reliable parser a difficult task. This package, developed 2 years later, aims to solve that problem.

  • Calamity

    • Atom
    • Sublime Text
    • Visual Studio Code

    I like to customize my text editor so I made Calamity, a theme for Visual Studio Code and later ported it to Atom and Sublime Text. It may not show programming skills, but it’s been a fun and well-received project that shows a bit more of my design side.

  • Rapture

    • Visual Studio Code

    Three years after my first Visual Studio Code theme, here I am again with a new one to give a fresh look to my favorite editor. Rapture is a dark blue theme, with bright accents inspired by the fictional city of the same name from the Bioshock series.

  • Andrea portfolio

    • Pug
    • Gulp
    • jQuery
    • PostCSS
    • Contentful

    After graduating as Sound Designer from the Vancouver Film School, my friend Andrea Colosio needed an online portfolio to showcase his works. So I made a website that would do just that. The content is provided by Contentful which allows him to easily change it, while allowing me the freedom to design the site without worrying about the limitations of a traditional CMS.


Wanna chat about anything? Hit me up at loris.bettazza@gmail.com